Celebrate Successes

We should not pinpoint what is wrong:  that results in depressiveness.

We should celebrate the successes, show what is possible and stimulate !

Besides the Tocorimé as a showroom for the latest technological innovations, we will create high level awareness of the major milestones of the successful environmental initiatives. Have workshops with young entrepreneurs and the young leaders of tomorrow. Explaining and Celebrating Successes onboard the Tocorimé during the major global harbor events. During the biggest sail events around the globe. And during the life streams.

When celebrating, we expand our  ideas. We will assist the goals towards a emission free Maritime industry. Neutral and Transparent. And Different.

Ever seen a 136 foot two mast wooden schooner celebrating a good course ? You will never forget it ! 

Please read “The World is A Mess” to find te details of the Worldtour

Time To Change Course